Sunday, 20 January 2013


This is rightly called the information age. There’s so much knowledge in our world today than there has ever been before. In this age, the difference between two men is knowledge. Take this seriously: the difference between the successful and the unsuccessful is knowledge; the difference between the rich and poor is knowledge; the difference between the sick and the healthy is knowledge; the difference between one who prays and the one who doesn't is knowledge; and the difference between a happy couple and an unhappy one is knowledge. Men fail as a result of something they do not know! How about grace? How does grace come? Through faith; and how does faith come? By hearing – knowledge! God said, “My people go into exile for lack of knowledge (Isaiah 5:13), and He also said people perish or are destroyed for lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6). Ignorant people blame situations and circumstances for their problems, but wise people seek to know something that they did not know. 1 Chronicles 12:32 ISV says the men of Issachar “kept up-to-date in their understanding of the times and knew what Israel should do.” If you truly want to do well in life, be a man or woman of knowledge. Understand that Jesus died for everybody; however, it is does who have had a revelation of what He did for they that are enjoying the benefits of His death and resurrection! No wonder Apostle Peter said we should grow in knowledge (2 Peter 3:18). The Holy Spirit was given so that we would be taught; please allow yourself to be taught! You can be free today from anything unpleasant; and I am asking God to send you a revelation of what you need to do to be made free. Refuse to be ignorant; like the men of Issachar, always update yourself. Paul said he was not ignorant of Satan’s devices; the longer you remain ignorant, the longer you remain a prey. But God forbid it! I pray for you, that God will flood your heart with divine insights and also grant you the grace to receive them. Amen.