Tuesday, 26 November 2013


Spirit & Life Devotional
Tuesday, November 26
Chinaemerem Joshua Ibezim


In 1 Chronicles 27 is a list of captains and officers who served the king, some were over hosts, some were over the King's treasures, storehouses, workers, olive trees, herds, camels, flocks; there was the king's counsellor, and one was over the king's sons, but Hushai the Archite was said to be the king's friend!

What a position! Which would you rather be? It is great to be a mighty servant of God, it is awesome to do great works in the name of Jesus, but brothers and sisters, there's nothing greater than being called a friend of God.

God's greatest desire is to have us as His friends. Sons can be disobedient, children can be unreliable, but true friends are special. Enoch walked with God, and God took him away from here in a hurry! Servants can keep working, but God wants His friends to always be with Him and He shares His secrets with them.

Abraham was a friend of God. Can God trust you? Can God confide in you? Can God count on you to remain faithful and loyal to Him? Can God be so sure that you will always desire to do what only pleases Him? Don't chase titles and reputation more than you chase God Himself! O Lord, make me Your friend!