Friday, 16 January 2015

Achieving The Unthinkable

Spirit & Life Devotional
Friday, January 16
Chinaemerem Joshua Ibezim

Achieving The Unthinkable

2 Samuel 5:6-7 ERV "The king and his men went to fight against the Jebusites living in Jerusalem. The Jebusites said to David, “You cannot come into our city. Even our blind and crippled people can stop you.” (They said this because they thought that David would not be able to enter into their city. But David did take the fort of Zion. This fort became the City of David.)

This is not about what you think, but what others think about you. Many times we let ourselves be weighed down by the opinions of other people about us, we believe their lies about our abilities, we let them bind us with their thoughts. Refuse to believe lies! It doesn't matter who said it, whether the person is big or small, let God be true and all men liars!

Your response matters a lot. Let me tell you, you will be told many times, even by those in your inner circle, that you can't, even your mind will sometimes try to deceive you; but remember the words of Paul the apostle, I can do all things through Christ which strengthens me! Hallelujah!

Live every second of your life being fully conscious of Who lives within you! Your strength may be weak, but they that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength! The Jebusites thought that David would not be able to enter their city but he did! In this year, you will enter unthinkable places! This year, you will do the unthinkable! This year, you will possess unthinkable things! This year, you will go to places where no one ever thought you will go! Your voice too will be heard in high places! In the name of Jesus!

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