Thursday, 18 September 2014


Spirit & Life Devotional
Thursday, September 18
Chinaemerem Joshua Ibezim


Hebrews 6:18-19 CEV "God cannot tell lies! And so his promises and vows are two things that can never be changed. We have run to God for safety. Now his promises should greatly encourage us to take hold of the hope that is right in front of us. This hope is like a firm and steady anchor for our souls. In fact, hope reaches behind the curtain and into the most holy place."

I just finished reading the inspiring story of Dr. Ada Igonoh, the doctor who survived Ebola. If you haven't read it I encourage you to do so. The word works, prayer works, faith works, hope works! We have something and Someone we can hold on to in evil days. Hallelujah!

As I read her story I was worried about people who don't go to church, people who don't believe in God, and people who don't take their faith seriously. What are they going to hold on to in times of trouble and crisis? In what would they believe? To what tower would they run to and be safe? Mere hope? Or faith in the words of fellow men? There's nothing as powerful as the word of God! It is as a rock that cannot be shaken!

You might be asking yourself questions right now, about the potency of the word and prayer, and maybe about the existence of God. The word of God is living and powerful, His promises are yea and amen, and He Himself is omnipotent! But sometimes it depends on how firmly we are holding on. His word, His name, His promises are for us to have faith and hope, these activate and unlock His power! To you believing for something today, I declare, Be it unto you according to your faith in Jesus name!

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