Monday, 23 June 2014


Spirit & Life Devotional
Monday, June 23
Chinaemerem Joshua Ibezim


Ezekiel 44:30 ERV "And the first part of the harvest from every kind of crop will be for the priests. You will also give the priests the first part of your flour. This will bring blessings to your house."

I'm sure that you want blessings that will abide in your house; blessings for today and for tomorrow, blessings that will endure from generation to generation, blessings for your entire family, all kinds of blessings.

David was one person that knew the importance of the blessing in his house. He literally begged for it: he prayed, "Now, please, bless my family. Let them stand before you and serve you forever. Lord GOD, you yourself said these things. You yourself blessed my family with a blessing that will continue forever.” 2 Samuel 7:29 ERV. David did everything he could to attract the blessing to his house; 2 Samuel 6:12 says that when he heard that God blessed the house of Obed Edom because of the Ark, he immediately mobilized people to go and bring the Ark to his own house! No wonder we are still talking about the house of David till this day, thousands of years after his death. 

This kind of blessing doesn’t come by toiling hard from morning till night everyday of your life; you can become rich today through your effort but only the blessing can guarantee eternal fulfilment. Only the blessing can ensure that your descendants have a great life. Education is not the greatest thing to give your children, it is the blessing! Go for the blessing for your house today!