Tuesday, 25 December 2012


1. When God sought for a man, Jesus volunteered Himself. We should always be willing to work for God. 2. Jesus did nothing except the will of God. He said, "I come to do Your will O God." Stick to God's will for your life. 3. Jesus sacrificed the riches and glories of heaven when He came. How much we love will determine how much we sacrifice 4. Jesus was humble. Though being in the form of God, He took the form of a servant, and the likeness of men. Be humble. 5. Christmas is a proof of God's faithfulness. He never stopped loving us, even when we did. Be faithful to your spouse 6. God gave us His only begotten Son. There's nothing too big or precious that we should withhold from God whenever He needs it. 7. Christmas is a fulfilment of prophecies. God fulfils every word He says. If He says it believe it; it'll come to pass 8. God did this much for us even though we didn't deserve it. We should love one another even when they don't deserve it 9. It was us who sinned, yet God took the first step to save and forgive us. We should quickly forgive those who hurt us 10. Jesus' humble beginning didn't affect His future greatness. You may have been born poor, but you can still be great! Merry Christmas!!!