Wednesday, 19 December 2012


God doesn’t send a man on an errand without instructing him on what to do. As simple as it sounds, it is very important. A brother met me for advice; he was beginning to doubt his calling and was getting discouraged. I asked him, “What exactly did God tell you when He called you?” When God asks you to do something, you won’t just “think” that He did, He will give you specific instructions. As we mature in the faith, we live by knowledge rather than assumptions. God is not an Author of confusion: He gives specific instructions about what He wants done and how He wants it done. The very first thing God did when He created man was to give him instructions (Genesis 1:28). Almost every page of the Bible is full of instructions, because that’s how God leads us. The Christian life is a life of obedience to instructions; how successful you will be in ministry or in your walk with God will depend on how well you obey His instructions. Noah received detailed instructions about building the Ark, Abraham received instructions to leave for a land that He would be shown, Moses received instructions about making the Tabernacle, when Jesus sent the disciples to preach He gave them power and instructions (Matthew 10), Peter was instructed to go to the house of Cornelius, and Paul was told, “Arise, and go into the city, and it shall be told thee what thou must do.” Acts 9:6. The Bible is an instruction manual: when in doubt about anything study the Bible for instructions. By the way, to instruct means to furnish with information and directions. A man without information and directions is as a blind man walking around without a guide. Cheers.