Thursday, 8 November 2012


According to The Phrase Finder, to be your brother’s keeper means to take interest in your fellow man and to share his burdens. Joy has been defined as putting Jesus first, others second, and then you. God expects each and every one of us to be concerned about each other’s welfare. Refuse to be a selfish man or woman. When God elevates you, prospers you and put you in a position of power and authority, He expects you to use it for the wealth and welfare of others, rather than for only you and your immediate family. Please don’t tell me you love me until you’ve shared my burdens with me! True love is in deed and not in word only. I have very little respect for people who only profess love. People are quick to say how much they love you, but very slow to prove it. Truly godly men and women have a heart for others. They are full of compassion for others, and they are touched by the pains and sufferings of others. Such men and women are like Nehemiah who was moved to action when he heard about the sufferings of his people. If you can help, help! Don’t say that things will be okay, do something about it! Brotherly love must continue, the kind of love we saw in the Early Church – where true love is, there is no lack because everyone is responsible for the welfare of the other. Esther 10:3 says Mordecai sought the wealth of his people. Don’t be a stingy man or woman; life is not all about you. Meet the needs of others; lift up people who are down, not because of your selfish reasons, but because of love. Love your neighbour as yourself!