Saturday, 22 February 2014


Spirit & Life Devotional
Saturday, February 22
Chinaemerem Joshua Ibezim


Leviticus 18:17, 22-23 NKJV "You shall not uncover the nakedness of a woman and her daughter, nor shall you take her son’s daughter or her daughter’s daughter, to uncover her nakedness. They are near of kin to her. It is wickedness. You shall not lie with a male as with a woman. It is an abomination. Nor shall you mate with any animal, to defile yourself with it. Nor shall any woman stand before an animal to mate with it. It is perversion."

Sin is sin, no doubt about that; what's wrong is wrong. Every sin will be judged and punished by God, especially if we do not repent and receive forgiveness for committing them.

Having said the above, it's noteworthy that God specifically refers to some sins as wicked, abominable and perverse.  Wickedness is the quality of being evil; perversion is a distortion or corruption of the original; and an abomination causes moral revulsion, is loathsome, despicable and damnable.

Sadly the world is now legalizing wicked, abominable and perverse acts. Homosexuality, transsexualism, bestiality and similar acts must be stopped and condemned! And we must stop approving them! No man with the Spirit of God would endorse such. Repent now and be born again, if you have committed such sins; God loves you and is not willing that you should perish.

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